Budapesti Ingatlan Nyrt. successfully applied for the ESG Pilot Advisory Program of the Budapest Stock Exchange and participated in it.

The main parameters of the Tender/project:

  • Beneficiary name: Budapesti Ingatlan Nyrt.
  • The title of the project: ESG Pilot Consulting Program
  • The amount of the contracted support: HUF 13,500,000
  • Amount of support: 100%
  • Presentation of the content and the main objectives of the project:
    • The development of BIF's ESG conformity
    • Preparation of BIF's ESG strategy
    • Preparation of BIF's Simplified ESG report
    • Uploading the indicator table prepared according to  BÉT's ESG methodology to the specified pilot interface
  • Project completion date: June 23, 2023.

Project identification number: KMR-1.1.7-17-BÉT-6-008